How does leasing work?

The lender purchases from you the equipment that your customer needs. We obtain all the necessary credit information, prepare a simple lease contract, and arrange for the signatures. Then we issue our purchase order to you for the full invoice amount negotiated by your customer. Our payment in full is overnighted to your company after delivery acceptance of the equipment.

How does this help me? Why use leasing at all?

By eliminating sticker shock and allowing your customer to compare monthly costs to the benefits of your product, he can better appreciate the important points in your sales presentation.

But all of my customers buy or know their own leasing companies...?

Yes, your customers buy; but your competitor is also selling to those who don't have the budget or the desire to part with large sums of cash. And if you leave it to the customer's leasing company, you may simply be creating a sales lead for your competitor who has a relationship with that lessor. You must maintain control.

OK, we do a lease transaction with BL Leasing, and the customer goes broke. Now what?

Unlike many leasing companies, BL Leasing never has you sign a recourse agreement. While we may ask for your help in reselling product, you have no financial responsibility - none!

What tools do you provide me with?

BL Leasing will give you the marketing material you need to begin a lease program. It will include material custom designed for your industry. You will also have the basic rate structures and simple information to be able to offer lease-financing to your customers immediately. Most important, we are available throughout the day to answer all questions and, if you wish, speak directly to your customer.

How much will I have to know?

You already know it!! Most of the equipment vendors with whom we work simply call us with the customer's name, phone number, and the dollar amount of the sale. We do the rest, and you are free to move quickly to your next sales opportunity.

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